Goal Diggin'

Now I ain't sayin' she's a goal digger, but she ain't messin' with no unmotivated.... just kidding. Speaking of unmotivated, I have this lovely Wednesday morning off and I snoozed my alarm, skipped Pure Barre and am currently buried under two blankets, a laptop and a second cup of coffee at noon.

My last post mentioned the dark space I found myself in only a few months ago. Although my car just stopped accelerating on the highway and was recently pronounced dead, I am happy. I am a work in progress however.

The night my car died on my way home from work I was a big ol' ball of nerves and tension. I kept hearing things like "don't worry about it until you know what's wrong" or "it could be nothing!" I knew in my gut it wasn't nothing. After having the car towed to a local garage, Alex insisted we keep our date for the night. A bottle of pinot noir please! 

My chest stayed heavy and my stomach in knots until I finally told my parents it was time for me to make my first big girl purchase in a precarious financial position. Sharing the news lifted a small amount of the building pressure but I still walked around with dread. This is where we bring in that work mentioned earlier. 

My car died. My fourteen year old car with 208 thousand miles on her. I knew this was coming, it has actually been hanging over my head for a couple of years now. There is nothing I can do, I have to buy a car because I need a means of transportation. I am an adult that works full time and am more than capable of taking on a car payment. The timing wasn't ideal but when are these things ever ideal? Now, I get to actually pick out the car I am going to drive moving forward! My last car was my Dad's. 

That small shift in how I chose to look at my situation was the same way I was able to completely let go of my stress and anxiety surrounding it. I have the power to make my day what I want it to be. It is about fostering the right attitude and energy. Vibes man. 

Now that I have shared that little story with you, here is a list of 10 goals I hope to achieve in 2017.

1. Complete a gratitude journal. Start each day with one word or sentence explaining what I am grateful for that day. At the end of the year I plan to read back and look for themes. Those themes are things I will need more of in the future. 
2. Build my blog. All the hustle. 
3. Push my body and mind every day. Sweating once a day will keep the blues away! This goal means I actually need to get my a$$ to spin when I say I am going to. Word on the street is there is a Soul Cycle opening just a hop, skip and a jump from me. #getitrightgetittight
4. Be present. I have a tendency of letting my mind wander to the errands I should be running or the articles I should be planning. When I'm not present in conversations or my surroundings I'm not putting my best foot forward. 
5. Buy a new dope ride. With the entire beginning of this post I don't know how I got to number five before mentioning this one. 
6. Travel. I would love to see as many new places as possible this year. Whether they are down the street or across the ocean. 
7. Landmark. Lululemon sends their interested employees to a convention called Landmark. From what I hear it changes lives and I can't wait to get my hands on it!
8. Stay on top of chores. I am someone who is pretty good at leaving a coffee mug in the sink and a load of laundry in the dryer for a little bit too long. Be better Shan. 
9. Save that money. I have some serious long term goals in mind and those require some serious dolla dolla bills y'all. Don't worry we will go into those goals another day. 
10. Start everyday with a thankful mind and a full heart. Love beats hate and I am slowly but surely learning that the universe has my back. 


  1. Good luck on your goals this year! You can do it! Its so funny, I actually just bought a planner called goal digger this year lol xoxo JNL

    1. Thank you for reading! I think the term "goal digger" is so cute and it was putting a little spark under my bum!


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