If I were the Bachelorette...

If I were the bachelorette.. I would be in my glory let me tell you. Especially if my season came with a cookie monster like Andi has herself. I love cookies. Living in a mansion in California with a beautiful view and an Audi convertible is just every girls dream. Throw in 25 successful guys fighting for my attention and we have a real life cinderella story. I mean, as of late I can't find one guy that wants to put a ring on it let alone 25. Let's start on the journey of Shannon as the Bachelorette. Shall we? 
As a simple gal I think I'll aim for a simple dress to meet the guys. You know, stay away from the glitz but make sure it's flattering and classy. I also have to make sure all of my dresses match the perfect red roses the show is known for. The first night needs to be a knock out dress. One that makes the guys (and viewers..duh) want to workout with me. Or at least be my friend. This is that dress.

Obviously, since I'm the bachelorette I need a whole lot more than one dress and good thing I love them. These would make a prime time TV appearance as well. 

Where would we travel if I were the Bachelorette? Greece obviously. A whole week in Santorini. Hmm... Maybe the last week. It would be beyond amazing to get engaged around this. 

Prince Charming will be proposing with a diamond the size of a bottle cap and I will certainly not say no. I may be simple but I am a girl and diamonds ARE a girls best friend. Just ask Marilyn. 

Probably doesn't get any better than that. And by probably, I mean definitely. Just so we are all on the same page here. Thailand would also be on the list. That way I could go on a date where we release those gorgeous lanterns and watch them float away. I can't even begin to imagine what an experience that would be. 

At home my perfect date consists of a trip to Fenway with a couple beers and a victory for the Red Sox. In California as the Bachelorette, I would trade in plastic cups of Budweiser for crystal champagne flutes and delicious red wine. I'm thinking a group date to a vineyard where we could make our own wine.Group dates are intimidating and I have a hard time entertaining my singular guy. Add six more and I got myself a problem. Good thing for me, activities and alcohol make everything easier. As for one on one's maybe a ride in  a hot air balloon, rock climbing, bungee jumping, picnics on the beach. Two on one's give me anxiety just thinking about it.. so I won't. 

Hopefully the end of this experience brings me a new friend that goes by the name of Harry Winston. 

Wine, roses and well traveled men. Oh my! What would you do if you were the Bachelorette? Write a post and send them my way, I can't wait to read!


  1. haha i have no idea what i would do if i were the Bachelorette. Maybe drink a lot of wine in a fancy restourant somewhere in europe. i have a boyfriend and cant imagine having a house full of guys going all over me. but it will be sooo nice to be pampered by 25 guys :) :)

    1. I am right there with you. I think I am more drawn to the dresses I could wear. Actually entertaining 25 guys in terrifying to me. Thank you for reading!

  2. lol i actually think i would hate being the bachelorette, but i love how well-planned your ideas are! you should apply!

    1. It actually all sounds terrifying to me. The dresses would be the best part. Thank you for reading!


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