Friday Struggles.

It's Friday and in typical Friday nature I have no idea what to do with myself. I'm so excited to get out of work and frolic with my friends ALL weekend at cookouts and fun times. I don't even actually know where I'm going with this so lets get on with it shall we? A list- obviously;

ONE// I so badly want to put on a full face of makeup and go paint the town red but I don't really want to do any going out nor painting at the same time. Just the makeup. Then I think, well, I don't want to do my makeup just to go to work or something because that is a waste of pore clogging for nothing. I should mention that I haven't put anything other than mascara on in oh... two months. Hence the desire to look pretty. 

TWO// I have been having this really huge internal struggle lately that is I want to be super fit and healthy but I want to eat all of the chocolate cake I can get my hands on. Or something like that. Unfortunately, the two don't exactly go hand in hand and I am left eating so horribly recently and not looking fit. Not even a little bit. 

THREE// Has anyone figured out a way for me to be a nutritionist/personal trainer/ makeup artist/ 
wedding planner? No? Me either.

FOUR// I have to work this afternoon. I am actually being the desk lady at the gym as well as teaching a Barre class. Post gym I am headed out to make some watermelon margaritas and watermelon jello shots. Oh- I also need to find an outfit for tomorrow and get some sun before I wear said mystery outfit. 

Oh and side note: I will obviously be drinking all of the calories I have allotted myself for the next week in one day. Yolo, friends. Yolo. 

FIVE// I have made it extremely clear to my best friend recently that she ensures my future engagement ring is big and square shaped. It's also imperative she make sure I have my nails done at the time of the proposal. I'm superficial, whatever. 

SIX// I NEED to workout today! Like seriously in need of some HIIT. I have about 3% body fat to get rid of. That's a wild guesstimate but hey, I tried. Bottom line- the remaining fat on my body needs to go. Give me all da muscles. 

Meet my everyday inspiration for a fit lifestyle. I love looking at Lauren's workout plans and reading about how she stays motivated. It's also nice to see that she took her frame and it turned it into a muscular one. I am constantly hearing "Why do you eat like that and work out so much? You're already skinny." I hate that! I want to be fit and muscular. End rant. Happy weekend! 
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