On the lookout for..

Here we are, Friday, August 8th. My problem with August 8th? Well, it's the beginning of August. August is a SUMMER month and I am waking up to 60-degree temps. At the beginning of august I still want to be rolling out of bed, throwing on a bathing suit and sitting at the pool for the entire rest of the day. I would like to have my coffee out there, my lunch and lemon water out there and then follow it all up with a vodka lemonade out there. Reality looks a bit like blankets on the couch with my  coffee warming me up. I know the temperature will climb and I will eventually be able to make it out to my lawn chair but it's my lawn chair and I need it now! no? okay. moving on. 

This is what laying out yesterday brought. This cloud was full of ice cubes. Seriously though.

A couple of chilly mornings ago I woke up and was absolutely miserable to discover how cold the outside air was. The weather was taunting me with its beautiful clear blue skies and it's 65 degree temperature. The proactive part of my brain decided to get a jump on the impending doom that is winter and search for a winter jacket. I found one. It's nearly $400. Are you kidding me? I hate the cold and now you want me to dish out a few hundos just to protect myself from the misery that is the air hurting my face? Why you gotta be so rude?

Due to all of these issues facing me recently I have decided that I need to get out of this place. Thus, i'm on the lookout for..

Someone who will throw caution to the wind and blow this pop stand with me! Obviously, I'm running from the cold so this place needs to be down south like Georgia or we could go across to California. If we really want to get fancy we could fulfill my dream of opening a drink hut on a beach in the Bahamas. 

As I'm sure you can tell, I don't really want to run away all by myself and not know anyone. I suppose I could but a person would be significantly more desirable. In order to qualify you must-

1. Be adventurous. We are up and leaving the comfort of our home after all! You better believe we are getting the most out of our travels.

2. Like day drinking. And night drinking. And mimosa drinking. And beer drinking. And drink tasting. 

3. Appreciate the sun and the art of tanning. Let me tell you, when you are an Irish and English gal it takes some handwork and dedication to achieve the color that I am now.

4. Enjoy new people. This requirement involves making news friends but is not limited to just that. You should also enjoy being lazy and watching movies on the couch.

5. Put up with my healthy eating habits. You should also enjoy overindulging in chocolate, ice cream and cupcakes. 

6. Mexican food. This category is not limited to food it also includes drinks. Like margaritas. 

This is about all I got for now. You see, I need to go dump a bucket of ice water over my head for all of my lovely Facebook friends to laugh at. If you think you are a person that posses all of the above qualities feel free to apply via email at (smuurphyy)  at gmail dot com. 

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