An Open Letter to My Future Husband..

Dear Future Husband-

We should start this little 'ol thing by going over some of the basics about me. I'm definitely a complicated gal and I take complete accountability for that. Admittedly, I'm probably a difficult person to figure out. By that I mean, I can't actually figure myself out either. You can find me putting on heels, a big hat,pearls and lipstick for the Kentucky Derby and the next weekend I'll be barefoot and riding a dirt bike down an old dirt road to the lake. Yes, you're expected to keep up. You should also know that I don't really do the romance thing. Frankly, any cliché romantic thought makes my skin crawl and my stomach do flips. I would rather watch a game with a beer and snuggle.
Now that those small details are out of the way, let's compile a list of everything else you should know.

ONE// I wholeheartedly believe everything happens for a reason. I believe that there have been people in my life put there just to teach me about this, my final and "forever" relationship. I also believe that marriage is a forever thing and I wouldn't do it unless I was 100% sure.  

TWO// You can't always be the first and only important thing in my life. While I expect you to be my best friend and my biggest supporter, I need to do things for me too. So do you for that matter. We're two entirely different entities that just happen to make each other feel complete. That doesn't mean we're one person, thought or package. You need to have hobbies, nights out with your friends and space to call your own. 

THREE// Sometimes, I just want to be alone. Maybe one day it's for a little bit longer than another  but if I try to send you out of the house don't take offense. I just want to sit and think or reflect, maybe bake or watch netflix with my own thoughts and a whole lot of quiet. 

FOUR// I don't want big romantic gestures. It's the little things that mean the most to me. A stolen glance and a hidden smile, an extra hug when I'm having a bad day and an "I appreciate you" in the middle of an argument. Don't rely on just stating that you love me, I won't believe it. I want to see it in moments that you don't even know exist.

FIVE// I want to be taken care of but I also need to take care of myself too. I want to make my own money, buy myself the things I want and work hard for what we have. A big diamond and a range rover are on you. 

SIX// I want to be able to wake up in the morning and go for a run on the beach before laying in the sun or being active outside. On the same token, I need to count on you to lay in bed all day on a rainy Sunday and order in.

SEVEN// I'm going to ask you to get out of bed when you are the comfiest to ensure the door is locked. I'm sorry. 

EIGHT// I'll probably complain about you to my friends. I'l tell them you drive me crazy and I could throw you out a window. I'll also tell them about how lucky I am to have you.

NINE// We can't leave the house or go to bed angry. You never know when someone won't wake up or won't come home. Life's too short to not tell someone they're important to you.

TEN// I always, always, ALWAYS want a second glass of wine. Pinot Noir. Always.

Finally, I never want to stop having fun. Life's a journey and you only get one. I want to laugh, learn and love for as long as I can. On the days it's hard to love me, I can definitely be hard to love, I hope you can appreciate my flaws and kindly tell me to shut up. 

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