Checkin' Up.

Today is the last appointment I will ever have at a pediatrician. While making the appointment for my 21st and final physical with my doctor, the nurse kindly told me to find a new doctor. I got the boot, folks. THAT is how you know you are getting old in this world. (I do realize my physical is nearly six months over-due. I can't help that I'm a girl who is in high demand.) This whole appointment has prompted me to wonder what has changed for me over the last year, good and bad. Furthermore, what has happened over the past 21 years while I was a patient there. 

There was that time when I was five and developed a rare blood disease in which the capillaries closest to the surface of my skin burst, creating blood blisters and swelling ALL over my body. I couldn't walk or move on my own. The disease also attacks joints and organs which meant I was rushed on over to the hospital straight from the doctors office where they proceeded to find appendicitis (totally coincidental, btw. wtf. lolz,) AND a heart condition after surgery. I should also mention that since this disease was so rare, as well as an appendicitis in a little munchkin like myself, there were a whole lotta doctors coming in to see me because they had only seen pictures of such a disease in text books. HCPurpura, web-md that. There ya go folks, I'm a lab rat. 

There have also been the, er, 80 sinus infections and 6 million ear infections. A couple cases of pneumonia. That time I contracted that mysterious virus which caused me to lose 18 pounds in roughly three weeks. Countless vials of blood, hundreds of dollars and 21 years later I'm here to blog about all of it. Relatively healthy if I do say so myself. Yes, I am knocking on wood, thanks for your concern.

In the last year quite a bit has happened too. I was tested for every outdoor allergy under the sun in an attempt to figure out why I get so many sinus infections. 64 shots later and nothing came back positive. STUPID. That's quite alright though because my mom bought me a box of wine and Panera after my ordeal. Classy. However, I've  learned a whole lot about my body and discovered how to take proper care of it. I work my butt off in the gym and do my best to eat clean. I have more energy, I feel better about myself and I'm a little bit happier all of the time. 
Let's see what the doctor has to say about that. Do you drink? yes. Socially? yes. Alone? yes. Do drugs? er... no. Do you smoke? hell no. And so on.. Wish me luck! 

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