Changing ways.

I will be the first to tell you I don't like change. Change overwhelms me, change frustrates me and more than anything change challenges me. With that being said, after a little something different is in effect for a while I learn to embrace it and find its beauty. 
Since I stopped blogging almost fourth months ago now I broke my tailbone, relied almost entirely on my best friends to take care of me, spent a whole lot of time reading blogs and watching makeup tutorials for healthy Shannon's use and opened up my heart to two of the most caring individuals in the world. I learned who was there to bring me soup and help me get to the bathroom when I couldn't get out of bed on my own and who was out with friends learning of my injury and doing nothing to inquire about whether I was alright or not. 
Throughout the last few months I have discovered more about myself than I ever thought possible. I realize now that unless I am being entirely honest with myself, I can't be entirely honest with my friends. Come to find out, people actually like the real Shannon. Quirks and all.
Most importantly, to me anyway, I have learned that you can't change people. You can give them love and advice but at the end of every day everyone makes, and is responsible for their own decisions. No single person has the right to put another down or pass judgement on someone. Everyone has a story and everyone is worthy of a smile.
I can say, with complete certainty, change has made me a much happier girl. If everyone I come into contact with, leaves me a little bit better or happier than what they started with, well, I will be one lucky girl. I can also say this doesn't happen all the time, Lord knows there are days I just can't muster up a smile. 
So far I have learned that when you share a smile with the people you meet, they will do what they can to share one with you. 
Further more, being honest and loving myself has found me in love and loved in return. A feeling i'm hopeful everyone experiences in their lifetime.
I'm back.

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