The Real First Day of Spring.

Here's to hoping everyone had an awesome easter with their families. I have never had a bad day with my family and feel so lucky every time we have the opportunity to spend time together. While not everyone was in attendance, it's still refreshing to catch up and laugh with people who will always love you. Both laughs and mimosas were plentiful yesterday, so there is no way to go wrong there.

Easter has always been a day that kind of defines spring for me. The weather is usually just starting to warm up and for the most part it tends to stay. Whether that will happen this year or not time will tell. Mother Nature has made it quite clear that she makes the rules around here. She's been a bitch. 

Today was absolutely gorgeous. I mean sitting on the deck in a tank top and lulu's while you write a paper kind of gorgeous. Naturally, that's exactly what I did and may have a little color to show for it.  Today also marked the official start of the Red Sox season. I totally understand that the Red Sox have kind of embarrassed themselves in the last year. Going from the best team in the country to the worst in a year is generally not how to impress the ladies, but I am one lady who will always stand behind my team. 
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The picture above was taken for blogging and Instagram purposes. As I changed my shirt and walked outside with a rose that decorated yesterday's easter spread my mom was both confused and judgmental. Mortal non-bloggers just don't get it, am I right? Or am I right? 

My afternoon in the sun turned into a day of fruit salad, hot yoga and an absolutely gorgeous sunset. I'm hopeful that means spring is actually here to stay but again, Mother Nature is really enjoying the curveballs this year. In either case I'm thankful for a gorgeous Monday and a life full of incredible people. 

Happy Spring!

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