When life gives you lemons....

..Book at last minute trip to West palm Beach with your best friends. 

My last post outlined my struggles over the last few months with a corporate fitness giant eating me up like the hungry wolves that they are. This post, well, this outlines how to pick yourself up and toss yourself on an airplane to warmer weather. Footloose and fancy free. On March 7th my friends and I will be boarding an aircraft to a destination full of hot sun and cold drinks. More important than that, no responsibility. None.


I have a month to piece together the best outfits I can and workout until I can't workout anymore. My day's in the gym consist of weight training and about 20 minutes cardio which don't always happen. To say I hate cardio would be an understatement. Gotta do what you gotta do to look like a Victorias Secret angel on the beach. Am I right? 

Clothes. Clothes. Lulu's.com is a website that has always impressed me but just recently turned into a site that has entirely stollen my heart. Just the other day, while lazily laying on my couch and daydreaming about warmer weather I realized that unlike most websites, I could more than likely create an entire wardrobe based solely off the pieces at Lulu's. 

Until I have the money to purchase an entire wardrobe from one website I'll stick to the vacation necessities which for me are as follow. 

This dress is certainly number one. I can only hope that I have a quarter sass as this model and can pull off the dress almost as well as she does. Almost. Better stop skipping that cardio. 
You can find this amazing piece here

I really have nothing to say about this lace up body suit other than I need it. It stopped being a want and became a necessity after the 25th time I saw it on the website. Unfortunately, my size is sold out and absolutely nothing else compares. In case this is restocked and you feel the same way I do find it here

These speak for themselves. Get them here

You may have noticed that Lulu's is the only advertisement I have on the side panel of my blog. I'm telling you they're amazing. Click on the link to the right and have a field day. There are roughly a million pieces I love but didn't post. I'll leave you to do some hunting on your own. 

May the odds be ever in your favor. 

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