Snacks for the Office

I don't know about anyone else but I love my snacks. I love snacks of all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. I don't discriminate. I should probably learn to but that's neither here nor there. At any given moment you can find a large bowl of Hershey's kisses placed directly next to an equally large bowl of mints on my desk. A short walk down the hall and there are multiple packages of cookies floating around. Yesterday I was offered a mini cupcake approximately 15 times. I caved and had two. It was a special occasion okay? How's a girl to stay healthy with all of this temptation?

A little planning goes a long way when it comes to snacks. 

I keep peanut butter in my bottom drawer alongside a box of apple cinnamon oatmeal. My company has a few keurigs in the office and enough plastic cutlery and dishes to feed an army. This makes things pretty easy for me because as long as I know I have oatmeal at me desk, I don't need to worry about organizing breakfast. The small cup option in the keurig sans k-cup provides the perfect amount of hot water for oatmeal. Then I add peanut butter. Easy Peasy. I'm pretty good at getting so busy I forget to eat, then it's 1pm and I'm going to lunch tired and grumpy. It's an uphill battle the rest of the day which is why I get to my desk a few minutes early for coffee, breakfast and the Skimm. click the link and sign up. You're welcome!

Afternoons are prime snacking hours. Am I right? A handful of blueberries, celery or carrots with hummus and yogurt with granola are my top snacking picks. Usually because I am looking for something quick before my phone rings again. 

The better the snack (natural sugars, low in fat) the better the fuel for your brain. Sounds cliche but I really do notice a difference. During the work week I am typically going to the gym after a full day and making it to that point with adequate energy isn't always easy. An apple, some grapes or a banana are perfect for a little rush of energy to get through a workout. On these days I tend to push cardio to burn off the excess sugar. 

Almonds, fresh fruit, apples and peanut butter, dried fruit, granola and string cheese are all quick easy options for a great snack at your desk. No prep and minimal clean up are key. 

My best advice for the caffeine addict would be making the switch to green tea after 10am. If anyone understands a coffee addiction it is most certainly this girl. Two cups in a morning is more common than not. The cream and sugar are going to kill your fitness goals and leave you with a hard crash by late afternoon. Making the switch to green tea will keep you energized, speed up your metabolism and there will be no crash to speak of. I like green tea pills but that's a story for another day. 

What are some of your favorite office snacks? 

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