Boston Strong.

One of the biggest questions on my mind at the moment is how many people are using the title Boston Strong in a post today. Furthermore, should I change it because it is probably most definitely overused. Nope. 

A year ago today I was headed home from the mall with a couple friends. Stuck in a little bit of traffic and bitching because I wanted to get home to play outside before the sun went down. I know, I'm a child. As any typical bored 19 year old would do I opened twitter on my phone and began scrolling through the timeline. Just a few posts down I stumbled across a grainy picture of blood soaked sidewalk and thought, "I should stop bitching, I really am lucky" and went on my way. 

After initially seeing the picture and not reading anything about it,  I assumed it was a war-torn third world country posted by a news site trying to make a political statement. 

A few minutes later, after we had moved a mile in about 10 minutes, I opened my twitter app again. 

This time to see more pictures of the mess, posted by my friends. The pictures stuck between tweets saying "Pray for Boston." WHAT!? There I was, sitting on a highway 20 miles out of Boston on Patriots day. A day notorious for the marathon, Red Sox games, spring and an overall sense of excitement. Excitement about the weather and upcoming summer, excitement over the athletes running an incredible 26.2 miles and for most kids- a day off from school. 

This is when texts started flying. Me texting anyone and everyone I knew would be at the marathon as well as receiving a million "where are you? are you okay?" 

In the days that followed there was a definite sense of fear, anger, confusion and heartbreak in the air. An entire city as well as its outskirts, filled with a raw emotion impossible to describe.

While a few friends of mine were in the city a few nights later for a concert, they had just escaped before a shootout(s) in the streets killing a police officer and took the last train that would leave the city for the next 24 hours. Boston was completely shut down until the police found the second "suspect" as they were calling him. 

What other city would completely shut down to find a damn terrorist? Just can't mess with us like that. 

The strongest and most powerful memory I have of the next couple days is a Bruins game. The first sporting event after our city was attacked and changed forever. The first time we were able to bond over a team and bond our sense of community. That nigh,t the fans were the ones to sing the national anthem. Fans with American flags draped over their shoulders and tears in their eyes.

I can't imagine that anyone at the game nor watching at home had a dry eye for the entirety of the tribute. Emotional as it was, it was the show of resiliency the city needed. There was no changing the events of April 15, 2013 and no healing the pain of the families who lost children. The only thing we could do was move forward and become stronger. Thus, Boston Strong was born. 

Personally, I can't wait to head into town for the marathon this year. I can't wait to feel the excitement and joy in a marathon completed by all.  All while remembering the four lives lost and the incredible bravery of first responders. 

If you're not a Bostonian, you are today. However, don't look back with sadness and let the events of a year ago cast a gloomy ugly shadow on today. We're stronger and we're proud. Instead, say a prayer for those lost and their families but enjoy your day because you were lucky enough to wake up this morning. 


  1. "If you're not a Bostonian, you are today." I love that. I live in Boston and was in the city during the marathon last year. I have a post up today with some awesome giveaway prizes from Boston-area Etsy shops

    Lindsey //

  2. Beautiful and reflective post! I sometimes get annoyed when I see posts that use a tragedy to get views, but yours is actually a genuine account of what happened to you and how it affected you. I appreciate that.


    1. This comment means a lot to me. Thank you for reading! XO


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