Wednesday List Day

Sometimes, when the thoughts in my brain are swirling around quicker than I can keep up with there is nothing I can do but make a list. One moment I am thinking about how lovely the sun is and the next I'm plotting my hair color for next fall. There is just no way in hell that I can focus long enough to come up with a decent blog post. So today, we list.

ONE// Spring had sprung and I couldn't be happier! We have flowers coming up to join all of the fun in the world and temperatures are climbing. Perfect park weather for me and the munchkin. 

TWO// It makes me feel physically sick that there are so many terrible things happening in schools these day. Children that are angry enough to hurt people at random and do as much damage as they can is terrifying to me. Lots of prayers to the Franklin Regional high school today. 

THREE// I have recently stepped my tanning up a notch. I am just over being pale and it is spring so I mean, bring on the tan. Judge me.. I have heard it all before. 

FOUR// Wine makes my heart happy. You already knew that. Some days you just need to throw caution to the wind and enjoy the wine to the best of your ability. Even if it is 4pm and results in you walking down a main road in your small town because you're too drunk to drive the three seconds to dinner. That is responsibility my friends. 

FIVE// Yesterday it was kind of cloudy but I wore sunglasses anyways. They made my outfit look better so I needed them. I am that bitch, thank you very much. 

SIX// I plan on spending way too much money on clothes and makeup in the near future and I am not in the least bit sorry about it. If I'm lucky Whitney over at Polished & Pink will have a couple more blog sales. That girls closet is phenomenal and I want more, more, more. 

SEVEN// I have pinned so much wedding stuff recently. I have my ideal wedding perfectly planned. The only thing missing is oh, someone that actually wants to put a ring on it. Hopeless dreamer over hur. 

EIGHT// My birthday is in exactly one month and all I want is a dress from Lady Luxe boutique in Australia. The issue is that it's from Australia.. Heyooo shipping. yikes. It's okay because their dresses are perfection and I just want to share them with the world. 

NINE// I am trying to eat a little bit healthier as of late since bathing suit weather is just around the corner! I am day dreaming about looking like one of those girls on those fitness instagram accounts. It will be just that too, dreaming. 

TEN// Stay tuned for a blog sale real soon! 

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