So many dates.

I bet by the title of this post you think I'm going to tell you about all of the first dates I have been on.. right? Wrong. I don't date, literally. The idea of a first date actually makes me cringe and want to stick my head under a pillow. It's actually about the small handful of events I have my heart set on for this summer and how they ALL fall on the same two freaking days. I mean seriously? There are SO many days to choose from in the three months we call summer. 92 actually; (In my summer anyway) and the small group of plans I actually have all have to fall on the same days.
In case you want a window into my personal life, that means I do a whole lot of sitting by the pool alone and then on two days choose the most important activity. Seriously? We couldn't spread these things out and give me a social life?  Shall we go over the list?
Friday, June 27th- 
ONE// My wonderful Dad bought tickets for Zac Brown Band on the field at Fenway Park. One for me and one for my cousin Katherine. My favorite country songs in my most favorite summer place. That is heaven people. 
TWO// My lovely friend, Carly, is competing in Miss Massachusetts. I choreographed her dance for talent and she has the most gorgeous dress in the world.
THREE// My favorite dancers from my favorite dance studio are competing at nationals in my other favorite place. Cape Cod.
Alright are you seeing my struggles here? I have super expensive concert tickets which I obviously can't give up. However, I have been looking forward to Miss MA for oh.. 6 months now. Nationals, well that I can't really explain. I just NEED to be there. 

Saturday, July 26th-
ONE// My best friends family is having a pig roast where we plan to wobble (yep that dance people do when they're super drunk,) make a watermelon keg full of watermelon margaritas AND lay by the pool. I would assume she plans to eat the pig but I will be staying away from that. Something about an animal with eyes on a stick spinning over a fire I just can't wrap my head around.

TWO// Piyo instructor training. If you're reading and saying "What the hell is Piyo" it is a fusion of pilates and yoga; otherwise referred to as "beach body." Well, hayy hook me up with a beachbody! 

I believe my decision for this Saturday is to hang by the pool with some friends at a pig roast. I can road trip to another piyo training and get the best of both worlds. When it comes down to it my fondest memories will be making watermelon kegs and wobbling. Somehow, sitting in a crowded instructor training doesn't seem to compete.

I really don't understand how all of these things fall at the same time. Girlfriend just wants a social life. Cue the lonely summer with occasional

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  1. I know what you mean. My summer weekends fill up so quickly — I think the next free day I have is July 26 — but then new stuff that I REALLY want to do too, and I'm like can't you just please be happening on ANY OTHER weekend!?


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