An open letter to teens and 20-something's.



I'm not talking girls that literally sparkle like the Cullen family in the sun or the ones who drop rhinestones after bejeweling her clothes/accessories herself. By the way, the 90's called and they want the bejewler back. I'm talking about the girls that seem to always be perfectly put together and leave an impression. I'm also talking about girls who are the first to jump to a strangers side if they look like they may need help or maybe they're ones that provide a smile to someone in need.

Some points I think all ladies should be aware of.

ONE.// Leggings are not pants. I know we would all like to use them as such because well, no one likes pants. Here's the thing, leggings and yoga pants are essentially for working out. How many of your yoga pants have actually been to yoga? Putting on jeans requires .2 more seconds in the morning and makes you look about a million times more put together. If I see one more "actually wearing jeans today" tweet I may rip my hair out. Why is that tweet worthy? Pull yourself together, ladies!

TWO.// Wearing the equivalent to a bathing suit and calling it a dress or an outfit to go out in is not okay. You're obviously looking for attention when you go out like that, probably sounds harsh but it's true. Listen, any male attention you are receiving when dressed like you belong on the beach is not any attention that you want! Once you cover up and respect yourself you can expect respect from others. Until then.. invest in pinterest and search "women's fashion" daily.

THREE.// Swearing. Okay, I occasionally use some questionable language here and there but it's not as though I'm dropping an F-bomb every other word! Be classy ladies. I cringe when I see a pretty girl with a terrible mouth.

FOUR.// Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty. If your eye makeup makes you look like a raccoon- STOP. You're pretty just the way you are and shouldn't be taking away from that with pounds and pounds of makeup.

FIVE.// Take care of yourself and treat yourself with the upmost respect. That means spoiling yourself on the occasion and taking care of your body now. Any abuse your body takes now will come back to bite you later.

Be good ladies! And buy some pants.

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; Dress impeccably and they remember the woman."

- Coco Chanel




  1. I love this post so much, and your thoughts are dead on. Good job!

  2. Thank you so much! :) I really appreciate you reading!


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