Friday Favorites.

Hello ladies! I have roughly one million tasks and errands to complete today before I head to work. Oh yeah, I also have to fit class in there somewhere. But it's okay. I am going to be alright! I think. Tomorrow is my first day off in over two weeks and I plan to spoil myself. My day will start out with yoga before I  rush right on over to my mani/pedi appointment. I then plan to go shopping and do some crafting. This girl just needs some time to herself.

Between the sub-zero temperatures, cold, lack of sleep and super buys schedule I have done a terrible job being thankful for all that I have and the little mundane things that get me through a week. However boring this list may seem, all of these small details went into getting me through the past few days.

ONE.// A mug that reminds me of an incredible week with even better friends on the most gorgeous beach in America. (Yeah, I said it California. Whatcha gonna do?) For the last two weeks my mug has been my best friend holding a cup two or three cups off coffee every morning, as well as grownup hot chocolate and tea in the evening. Thanks for the support, friend.


TWO.// Baby chunk smiles and little hugs. When I pick Maddie (my nanny toddler) up from school everyday I am greeted with the most enthusiastic and warm hug in the world. Yesterday, in particular, Maddie got me through my day in that moment without even realizing it. Her sister Emmie, baby chunk, smiles with her bright eyes and dimples and my heart is mush. These girls.

THREE.// My heated blanket. My dad and I always argue as to whether it's correctly "heated" or "electric", anyone on my side- please share. If you're on his side, I don't want to hear it.. It will just go to his head. Anyway, my room happens to be the coldest room in the house and has been since I was a little girl. My blanket allows me to sleep in shorts every night and still stay nice and toastey in my little bed cocoon. Like I said before, I dislike pants immensely. I just need someone to invent a remote starter, similar to the one on my car, so I can start her up before I'm even home at night.

FOUR.// Friends. When I'm stressed I just want to to talk about silly mundane occurrences that have me blissfully unaware of the outside world. For instance, bonding with someone over how impossible it is to take Old Navy skinnies off because the ankles are too tight. Yup, that's what I want. And yes, that happened yesterday.

FIVE.// Hockey. Bruins, Wild, fights, scoring, Penalties, hugs. I want it all and I love it. Nice win last night, Wild. How do ya like them now Stanley Cup Campion Blackhawks?

SIX.// This one sounds silly but waking up everyday with my health (minus this unreal super cold) and the people I care about around me. It's all to real recently that not everyone has that. As a request to everyone reading a family friend's 10 year old nephew is having extraordinary life saving measures removed today at 3pm. The boy was in an accident a month ago yesterday and suffered severe brain trauma. Maybe just a quick prayer for him, the family would really appreciate it.

Never let your praying knees get lazy, and love like crazy. -Lee Brice

Have an amazing weekend friends and if you're reading from New England, stay warm!


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