Selfish Saturday.

Today is without a doubt the most selfish day I have had in a while. I woke up early and just could not fall back to sleep. Typical. I headed for the gym where I completed a light workout. Boy do I mean light, too. It's okay though because I went straight to yoga after which was not so light. Prefect, nonetheless. I then had my nailsies painted a nice plum color before retreating back to my warm bed for blog stalking and tea. Unless it requires something I really want to do for myself, I don't plan on moving. Selfish.

I'm mostly here with some exciting news! Scroll down and look for the new decoration on the right. Ready, set, GO!

Did you find it? I am now a part of the Her Campus Blogger Network with a fun little badge to prove it! Her Campus is so amazing and I am fairly certain they will be taking over the world in no time. If you haven't yet, definitely check out the site at! You can thank me later!

I think I will get back to lounging and watching Netflix. Maybe some homework in a little bit. Maybe. Oh, I know! I will go to Target. Have a wonderful day my friends!


  1. Yay! Welcome to Her Campus Blogger Network! The group is so much fun & full of some really great girls! And selfish Saturdays are a must sometimes - don't feel bad! We all need a little "me" time :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  2. It's always good to have a selfish day to yourself! I need to start doing these at least once a week. And congrats on the Her Campus Blogger Network! I was also recently accepted!

  3. Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it! I am really excited to join and everyone has been so welcoming which makes it that much better!

  4. Thank you and congratulations to you as well! Days to yourself are amazing. I had almost forgotten what it's like!


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