A Friday Toast.

It's a Friday afternoon and I can't hold a serious thought in my head for longer than 30 seconds never mind compose a blog post worth reading. So I propose a Friday toast. Grab your wine or your beer or your salt, lime and tequila. Whatever your poison may be, a toast:
Here's to living in the moment. Taking risks and focusing on the positive.

Here's to loving. Whether it's your best friend, a new friend, a long time boyfriend or a new super crazy feeling you just can't describe. Here's to loving.

Here's to taking the negative in stride and not wishing away your present. Everything finds a way to work itself out. Until then enjoy the ride. 

Here's to good friends putting things into perspective. You can always get by with a little from friends.
Here's to better cocktails. 

Here's to Vineyard Vines Ketucky Derby line. My the stalk be ever in your favor. 

Here's to our health and happiness.

I really have nothing else. Why yes, I am driving the struggle bus today. Would you like to hop aboard? If you find yourself feeling lucky today, be thankful. If you're feeling unhappy, it can always be worse. I'm sending lots of love and prayers to the Boston Fire Department these days. 
Raise a glass and enjoy your weekend. Whatever the circumstance may be, enjoy. 


  1. I needed to hear this today!! I've had a "struggle bus" week, but you're oh-so-right about staying in the present moment and enjoying the ride.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading! I hope your weekend improves and you get to relax :)


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