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Recently I have had more than one friend tell me they were trying different methods of losing weight. We have a 24 day detox diet that consists of "vitamins" and drinks to flush the body and burn fat. We also have Raspberry Ketones which I had never heard of until my best friend got sick after taking them. Here is the thing, if you can't pronounce an ingredient on the back of anything whether it be a bag of M&M's or an "all natural vitamin" it isn't natural. My friend that was taking the ketones ended up sick and unable to keep anything down for a few days after she finished taking them. The most frustrating aspect to me was that she didn't research what she was putting in her body. Just took the advice of a friend and put an unknown substance in her body. Upon googling the ketones I learned there is no connection between taking them and losing weight. I also discovered, no shock here, that they are not completely and totally natural. 

Trust me when I say I want to change my body as much as the next girl. I want to look like one of those girls on instagram fitness accounts and I want to look that way now yesterday. It's just not realistic. The only way your body burns fat is when you encourage it to burn fat through exercise. As for the pills that "burn fat" it's not a magic potion that makes it just disappear. It's usually caffeine quickening your metabolism to break down food a little faster. Sure, we put caffeine in our bodies daily. Sometimes, probably today if you're me, we overdue the caffeine thing and end up shaking. That's not good! It puts added stress on your heart and is overall a poor thing for your body. I know, I know, shame shame Shannon. 

Unfortunately, the only way to change our bodies is to put the work in. That means eating right and pushing our booties to do more at the gym. Cardio is going to burn that fat and calories we are consuming while weight training will sculpt our muscles to look like Kelly Kapowski. Diet tricks will not only harm your body but once you stop taking them the weight will come back faster than you say "just one scoop of ice cream, please. I'm trying to be good." That being said for lunch everyday I have been enjoying a smoothie with a handful of real vitamins. Biotin for the hair, skin and nails because I mean who doesn't like to be soft and pretty? I also take a ton of Vitamin D because as y'all know I have a TERRIBLE immune system. Then the daily multivitamin with all that other stuff.  

All I'm trying to say is stay away from the cheat stuff and work your butt off. Victoria's Secret runway here you come! 

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