A Teeny-Bopper weekend.

Hello there y'all! Guess what today is!? First day of the new job! I'm pretty excited if I do say so myself. I bought some new pretty fancy sneaks yesterday to wear with my Lulu's and I can't wait to walk in there in fancy-casual gym attire. Does that make sense to you? I would assume not because 

I'm not entirely sure it makes sense to me either.  
This past weekend was full of teeny-bopper fun. Friday night I went to a family party with friends I have known since I was a teeny-bopper myself and now we were officially all playing drinking games legally. Not well, but trying none-the-less. 
 And there it is, friends. Just as awkward as we were back at junior high dances thinking we were hot shit in our Hollister jeans, Old Navy tanks and flip flops. I would say at least we're a little bit more attractive now but that would be a lie under a picture like this.

Saturday  I went to a bat mitzvah! This has been talked about for the last two years and I have definitely been looking forward to it. Becca, who I have been babysitting since she was five has absolutely turned into a little sister to me and I am beyond proud to see the little lady she has turned to. I purchased a new dress that I absolutely love and let my inner teeny-bopper rage with the real ones. Not only was being part of Becca's bid day an honor but she had me light a candle all by myself. If you are wondering- yes, the girl who never cries got extremely emotional and then had to stand in front of a room full of people and smile! Goodness, I love her.

Classic is my new favorite guilty pleasure jam!

That's my mom and yes are killing it for sure. 

Sunday I had brunch at Becca's house with her family and friends and I absolutely was 13 again for a few hours. Then I started hearing about their friends being in love and boyfriends being "their world" and knew I had to run for this hills. But first.. we took a selfie. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. Aw how sweet she had you light a candle for her! Sounds like a great weekend :)


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