Workout Wednesday.

It's Wednesday but it feels like a Tuesday and I feel a lot confused. I am totally unsure of what to post today so I have decided to give you my workout from this morning. It's super low key so don't expect much because I have been you know.. lazy as hell recently. I keep telling myself once I start working at the gym I will do more but you know how that goes. Anyways- do this ad turn into a Victoria's Secret model. Just kidding. But it's worth a shot right? Right. 

1 mile run 
Squats: 20 squats, 30 pulses and 20 second hold. Repeat 3x
20 lunges, each leg with 20 pounds overhead
30 SLOOOWW sumo squats
100 calf raises........ on each leg. 
leg extensions- 50 pounds 3 sets of 12

100 crunches
100 bicycles 
30 full sit ups
60 Russian twists
1 minute plank

There you have it friends. Lazy girls guide to a beach body. Add some lululemon and a green smoothie for lunch and well, we can be twins. Enjoy!


  1. No shame in that game, get it girl! ;)

    1. Almost Cape season, lady! Got to whip that body into shape.

  2. You are KILLIN it!

    And lululemon for the win, always!!


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