Such a weird concept. Required classes, exams and a whole lot of money for what? A degree that let's a future employer know I am worthy of a job. Just because I took a few classes that have absolutely no relevance to my future, I can earn a piece of paper. Nevermind what my character may be or the integrity of my work- I have a piece of paper and that's all I need. How does this make sense? It doesn't but without that degree good luck finding a decent job.

This morning when I sat down in class to a particularly grumpy professor I was forced to reiterate to myself why I am there and what my degree means to my future. A white Mercedes, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull and buying that Marc Jacobs watch or two whenever my heart desires. Listen professor, I can understand waking up on a Monday morning to clean off your car from last nights 5 inches of snow and teach a group of uninterested 20-somethings probably isn't your idea of a good time, but, you're getting paid to be here and we aren't. We're recovering from this weekend and we don't want to be here either. So let's find a common ground or at least a smile, deal?

The best part of this crazy societal expectation is the lack of responsibility and an excuse to avoid the real world while actually still kind of living in the real world. College is also for making friends and drinking entirely too much with the people that become your wedding party. Bad decisions can always be explained with "well I'm in college" and a hangover that lasts an entire day is worth it when Uptown Funk was on twice the night before and your stomach hurts in the morning from laughing. (Or the gym but probably laughing.) 

So while I don't always appreciate the classes, I don't want to sound ungrateful. I am one lucky girl to be continuing my education and even luckier to have friends that make me laugh and support me entirely. It took me a while to find them but I couldn't be happier that I have. 


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