Six Weeks to a Bikini Bod

So what if it is snowing in New England.. again. We will probably get to summer eventually, right? Oh, and by the way, the first person to complain about any warm temp is getting sucker punched. Sorry not sorry. Desperate winters call for desperate measures.

Starting today, I'm putting this little body on a strict workout/clean eating regimen for the next six weeks. My butt will be taking a yoga or barre class or lifting in the gym every single day for the next six weeks. Six weeks puts me up to April 16th which is 9 days before I have to be looking good for a wedding in Chicago with a boy who will more than likely make me look like a scrub. It also provides me enough time to create healthy habits so once summer rolls around I can maintain this awesome new body I hopefully found along the way.

Before pictures have been taken, meal prep has begun and I'm just hoping I get through this little journey looking like a Victoria's Secret Angel. If i'm giving up weekly pizza, I sure as hell better look like an Angel. Can I get an Amen? I will be sure to post pictures, meals and workouts along the way but if I'm being entirely honest with you, there is just one thing I can't entirely give up. Wine. I would rather do twice the cardio for those few glasses of wine and that is just what I will do.

The best motivation a girl can have in the middle of a snowstorm is to buy a cute new bathing suit. If this snow ever melts I will have a new body for a new suit. Do you hear that? It's the Victoria's Secret swim catalogue calling my name! 

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