How to start blogging again certainly isn't an area of expertise of mine. However, after a nearly five month hiatus, that's exactly what I have been longing to do. The issue once setting foot into this familiar blog land has been how to start again. It's intimidating really, who cares about what I have to say in my little space on the web? Does anyone even enjoy reading what I have to say?

While I hope to be a relatable blog, I am first and foremost here for me. I write to talk, vent, laugh and remember. In my first post back to Shananigans I want to share what we haven't caught up on over the last few months. The best moments and what I have become most thankful for. 

Perhaps the most exciting news I have to share relates directly to this little post published all the way back in March. I'm an aunt!  My little gal, Everly Jane, was born October 23rd at 9:54am and I am smitten. This perfect little bundle is the best gift I am going to get this holiday season, she's perfect.

The largest change though, came in the form of a great apartment with an even better roommate! The bills may have quadrupled in size but constantly being surrounded by friends and positivity make it all worth it.

I'm making a comeback blogging world! See you soon. 

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