Taking the Leap..

Here I am. I made it. I quit my job and while I am pinching pennies and living on that ramen-noodle-a-night-budget, I am happy. Before graduation I was offered a full-time job at the bank I had been working at for about a year. There was nothing too attractive about the offer. The job sounded terrible, the salary was bad but seemed reasonable to me coming off my part-time pay checks. Perhaps the worst aspect of this job was that it intended to place me in a cubicle constantly chained to a telephone connecting me to angry customers. 

After consulting with my Dad who made suggestions such as "take the job right now" and "you're an adult now, here's your car insurance bill," I took the job. 

At first it wasn't horrible.I bought new office supplies to fully stalk my rather large desk. I was waking up every morning, making coffee and lunch then packing a bag for the gym after work. For all intents and purposes I was really killing the adult thing. According to society, I was doing everything right. 

Here's the catch, the position itself I never liked. Who in their right mind would enjoy telling people why they couldn't access their money or even better that someone else had? It goes over as well as you'd imagine. Working full time is something I was horribly unprepared for. Between the hours of 8-5 everyday I was confined to a building full of negativity. I watched my ideas come to life with someone else's name on them. Only acknowledged by the "third floor" or upper management if they were unhappy with something you've done. I always found it funny the way customers would come in for a meeting and mention the beauty of the building. On more than a few occasions I remember looking around in acknowledgment of its beauty but the only thing I saw was a massive sign blinking "get out of here!"

One night, I sat on my couch fighting sleep with every fiber of my being. "Why don't you just head to bed, Shan?" Alex asked. Stubbornly, I shook my head and refocused on Shark Tank. It was a good question, though. I'm exhausted and have to work in the morning, why wouldn't I just go to bed? I realized the reason I had been staying up so late was because I was avoiding spending most of my waking hours in that building. I needed a couple hours of normality to unwind and prepare for the following day's battles.

Fast forward two weeks and here I am. Composing a blog post on a Thursday morning with my PSL and my puppy. Monday, I start on a new adventure. My parents aren't thrilled that I would leave my "stable" job for one with a little/a lot less stability at the beginning. Sorry, guys. My first job was humbling. I learned a lot about myself and what it means to function in a professional setting. 

I'm looking forward to conquering a new job. I'm hopeful this won't be one I end up comparing to warfare.

Here's to adventure!

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