Apple Cider Donuts

It wouldn't be fall without an Instagram feed littered with pictures of warm apple cider donuts. Donuts with the sky, donuts with leaves, donuts with pumpkins. Donuts everywhere. I'm not even sure if you actually experience the season in all of it's glory if you don't Instagram an apple cider donut. Here's mine-

With my new found freedom and distance from the job that sucked the soul out of me I am getting my soul back. Sunday morning I woke up, got dressed and ran out to do some grocery shopping. My intention was to just grab the ingredients necessary for soup but somehow ended up with candles and apple cider donuts as well. 

I should have gone to the farm for the donuts. It was a 15 minute ride and a gorgeous Sunday morning. I intended on going apple picking with Alex and making him take a couple hundred pictures of me in various posed "candids." All so that I would have pictures to post right here in this very space. I think the one above is nice? Could be better, have more color or composition. You know what? I'm not wearing makeup or a bra in that picture.  Reality won Sunday. 

Opposed to a photo shoot at the farm with a boyfriend that would more than likely have been bored to tears, I sat down and read with my new candles, pumpkin spice coffee and my apple cider donut. By the time Alex woke up there was soup simmering in the crockpot and coffee waiting for his retrieval. He may roll his eyes at my desire for "basic" fall things, but he doesn't seem to complain when he's eating donuts two at a time. 

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