If the title of this post made you think about candles, hoods and chants- you should know we aren't discussing that kind of ritual today. Actually, we probably aren't discussing that kind of ritual ever. Moving on. In order to keep a sence of balance and presence in my life, I think it's really important to set an intention for the upcoming hour, day and week. Starting every morning with the same routine/ritual has made a huge difference in both my productivity and preparedness for the day. 
In college I would sleep until I had just enough time to pull together a well-put together student. Or so they thought, lol. No breakfast, no time to shake the sleep from my brain and worse- no time for me. I even managed to grab a large coffee everyday despite my financial status. This is also around the time I saw my anxiety explode through my life and watched myself slowly withdraw. 
Now I have more energy, I'm pushing myself to be the best version of me everyday and I feel energized to accomplish goals. My schedule doesn't allow every morning to be full of the same luxuries and sometimes it means getting up a little earlier than normal. Waking up to take care of my body and set positive intentions overpowers sleepy thoughts throught the day. When I struggle, I still reach for the aforementioned large coffee. I'm only human!
So what's my morning ritual? I thought you'd never ask!

1. I wash my face and brush my teeth, you can find my favorite products here! Washing up first thing really wakes me up.

2. I grab a glass of cold water and add a slice of lemon while my favorite coffee brews in my keurig! I find that initial glass of water makes a big difference in my day. Energy, healthy choices throughout the day and clear skin. Check.

3. I sit with my feet up and my coffee. I love reading blogs such as rockyourbliss or Gabby Bernstein for a little personal development. I'm someone who is in constant practice of being the best me. These women kick ass when it comes to spreading all of the inspiration.

4. I read a few of my favorite lifestyle boggers favorite posts and post my own. Around this time I am typically enjoying a little high-protein breakfast as well. 

5. YOGA! I love myyogaworks.com.

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