Summer Staples

Summer is coming, or so we hope, and I have a few items I just can't wait to pick up. If I close my eyes and listen, I can hear the flip flops, tan lines and sangria calling to me from here.

With the start of each summer I do my best to choose a few staple items. Typically, an accessory that will end up being used almost daily. I tend to make more purchases during the summer months but I go into the season with the intention of buying only a few items.

Below are four products that have been sitting pretty in my shopping carts for about a month. Today is the day I pull the trigger so I thought, hey, why not share the goods?

Quay Aviator Sunglasses
Quay, pronounced "key," is an affordable sunglass line out of Australia. I was drawn to these because they are an exact replica of a pair of Ray Ban's I had picked out but at $60 they're less than half the cost! Quay is here to shake up the sunglass world and I don't hate it.

Baseball Cap

I feel weird posting this. Mostly because this hat started as a floppy straw hat. Then there is that little detail about my die-hard love for the Red Sox. Here we are anyway. I love the faded charcoal color for the summer months and I'll wear this significantly more than a floppy hat. 

White Chuck Taylor
I think these babies speak for themselves. Something about an easy slip on, crisp white sneaker with a tan and your favorite lululemon crops. 'Nough said.
Clean skin, no makeup and lots of sun are the motto during those blissful summer months. I like to have a simple cleanser free from perfumes. It's also important that my moisturizer has some sunblock to protect myself from damaging rays. This moisturizer pairs perfectly with my skincare routine which you can find here.

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