The Universe and Curveballs

The Universe shall give and the Universe shall take.The last month I have been riding an unbelievable high my friends. I love my job, I have felt the creative juices flowing through these blog pages, fitness projects feet nearly complete and I found a car that was handed to me on a silver platter by Madam Universe, herself. To say things have been going well would be an understatement. 

That is until last Sunday rolled around and smacked me back a few steps. "Let's see how this fits into all of your perfection," Madam Universe, said. Then I broke my hand and ended up in surgery with a plate and some screws some days later. The pain is managable, more of a discomfort, but this injury has thrown a wrench in a whole bunch of plans. 

Here I sit, writing and scheduling with my left hand. Frustrated mubmles can be heard between sips of coffee but I'm pleased to share that my left hand is getting a bit steadier. I even applied some gel-liner last week. What What!? 

So while the Universe has given me a bit of a curveball it's my job to adapt, learn and grow. I have been busy researching which foods are best for my healing, finding and writing exercise plans for my legs, abs and upper body. It could always be worse. Maybe this the pause I needed to slow down and focus.I am definitely upset about the progress I have lost to date but it's time to train harder and come back stronger. 

Any tips for your girl on keeping a cast clean? First timer!

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