Weekend Shenanigans.

This is going to be one long long week. This is my last week with my nanny babe and I haven't been this sad about something in a long time. I can't imagine not seeing her a few times a week every week and I can't imagine not hearing her scream "SHANNON!" and run at me with a big hug when I pick her up from school.  Just thinking about it make me cry in about 20 seconds and I am going to be a basket case after I leave her for the last time. How can she feel so much like my own and then disappear? What a mess.

I did however, get a new job last week! Working at a gym which is primarily front desk stuff and I can occasionally teach barre classes. I MEAN really? So awesome. See? Good things fall apart so better things can fall together. Now I definitely believe that.

What better way to deal with the upcoming week then to spend it with friends. I spent Saturday night at a grad party and met a girl who is maybe the funniest person I have ever met. You know those people that just make you laugh without even trying? She was that person. My night ended watching pretty fancy fireworks and possibly watching a tree nearly burn to the ground after a firework went off in the tree! Now I realize you don't know me very well but I am a HUGE baby and that was no exception. I ran for the hills. 

Sunday I was up and at 'em early because my cousins ran a half marathon. In case you're wondering a half marathon is in fact 13.1 miles. Yes, they both ran the entire distance. I will never know how they did it and furthermore will never understand how one of them finished in an hour and forty-nine minutes. That's a pace of about 8.5 minutes per mile. It's insanity if you ask me but I couldn't possibly be more impressed by them. I stood on the sidelines feeling lazy and unaccomplished. Maybe I will run the 5k version next year because overall the event was for an amazing cause and was a great atmosphere. Sunday was finished off in my favorite spot and I felt at home. If I can think of a spot I was happiest this entire weekend it would be the lake. 

Monday brought my cousins birthday and one very hungover girl. (her not me.) Here we are preparing for an awful week and trying to find the positives to the best of my ability. Here goes nothing! 


  1. I think I have those same sandals as you're wearing :)
    I'm sorry you have to say goodbye to your nanny kid so soon. I nannied all through college and I know what you mean, they really start to feel like your own. Good luck with the new job though, sounds great!

  2. The sandals are from Target! I have them in a bunch of different colors and wear them all of the time! Thanks for the well wishes! :)


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