Fall is usually miserable for me. You can find me dreading the cold and doing my best to fight the weather, fall fashion, pumpkin flavored anything and absolutely fighting the entire "yay fall!" thing. This year I'm trying something new. My life has changed a whole lot over the last two months. I have gone from being comfortable to the most uncomfortable and vulnerable I have been in a while. Thus forcing me to learn about myself and putting time into perspective. I want to look at the bright side of everyday, I want to embrace the moments I have with the people I have and I never want to wish away my day, minutes or seconds. Life's too short. 

Moral of the story: I'm embracing fall.

I'm falling for the things I have never appreciated before. Falling for pumpkin, falling for the foliage, falling for the chill in the air paired perfectly with the hot sun, falling for hot tea and a warm blanket and more than anything falling for life. I'm falling for opportunities, falling for moments when I smile and falling for moments when I feel genuinely happy. When the sun is on my face, I'm with the best friend who is there through my craziest nights, my random tears over a Kate Voegel song and who loves me no matter what.

I'm falling in love with with life and myself and right now, I couldn't ask for more.

Here are a few moments where I have fallen in love with being alive. 

This is part of my "I have to wear a crop top next week" diet. It was perfection.

Hey Ma! Look! I hit 5 feet!

I tried to go apple picking the orchard was out of apples. How is that for a fail. Apple crisp nonetheless. 

I hope there are days you fall in love with being alive.

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